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Logan James Thayer. I like sex, alcohol, being naked, classic rock, my guitars, and my band. Ke$ha is my twin and Katy Perry is my one true love.

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Quotes I live by: "I always take life with a grain of salt, ... plus a slice of lemon, ... and a shot of tequila."

"I don't have an attitude; I have a personality you can't handle."

aim: sexslayerthayer

just a rp. now go away.

@LoganThayer: Next time someone asks if I went to the bathroom I’m going to say, “Yeah, I went number 3”.

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Mmm, Logan Thayer <#

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I’m bringing back the word pooty-tang by the way. It’s not used enough.

Just saw a guy eating cereal while driving on the freeway in heavy traffic. I bet he gets so much pooty-tang from the ladies.

I like to wait until it’s anywhere from 3-6 A.M. to text/call/ people so I can rudely wake them from their precious slumber.

Lemme holla&#8217; atch you. #nashvillefilter #bitcheslovenashvillefilter #thayertheslayer

Lemme holla’ atch you. #nashvillefilter #bitcheslovenashvillefilter #thayertheslayer

So Robby Creasey and I fought this little bitch.

So Robby Creasey and I fought this little bitch.